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The Government of Alberta is conducting routine maintenance of various online services on Sunday, April 21st from 7:00am to 7:00pm. You can expect intermittent disruptions for all services.  Services are expected to be restored by 7:00 pm. 


NOTEThe US carrier data sharing system was not working for a period of time.  As of January 2024, US data is fully received and loaded to Alberta's system for use on the carrier profile and inclusion in the risk factor score calculations. When a carrier requests a profile with January 2024 month-end data, then they may see new/added data safety events. 

Month-end data runs on the first Saturday of the month for the previous month's data.  For questions please contact 

Month-end monitoring data for March 2024 is now available.  To access the profile services click here:

It may take 5 to 30+ minutes for profiles to generate and send by email due to volumes.  

Welcome to Alberta Transportation Online Services. This page allows access to the following systems:

Carrier Services Permits

Carrier Services Permits : Description

The Registrar, through Carrier Services Branch, may grant permits for exemptions from the Provincial Traffic Safety Act and regulations and the Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Act and regulations. The safety permits available for online submission include: CAODC Member, Divided Record Authority, Municipal Firefighting Vehicle, Water Well Drilling Rig Exemption, and Oil Well Service Vehicle Cycle Exemption. Carrier Services is not involved with vehicle weight and dimensions or special event permits. Education information related to standard transportation compliance can be found on our website at:

Carrier Services Permits : What's New


Carrier/Public Profile & Carrier Document Portal

Carrier/Public Profile & Carrier Document Portal : Description

The "Carrier Profile" includes a history of convictions, inspections, and collisions provided to Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation by law enforcement and other government agencies. Other information such as impaired driving contraventions, inspection station certifications, audits, and notices documenting violations may also be displayed. The Carrier Profile is used to identify carriers that pose an unacceptable risk to the public. Information contained in the Carrier Profile will be considered when establishing a carrier's safety fitness rating.

Carriers are encouraged to obtain and review their Carrier Profile regularly to help evaluate the effectiveness of their safety and maintenance programs.

The actual description and coding of events are worded using criteria set by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and therefore may not be the same wording that appears on law enforcement documentation.

The carrier's current compliance standing can be found in "Part 1 - Carrier Information". This will always reflect events that have occurred in the previous 12 months from the printed date regardless of the Profile Period Start and End Date.

All reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this report. If any information shown in this profile is in question, contact Alberta Transportation at 403-755-6111 or email with all relevant, inaccurate information, such as document number, date, driver and vehicle information, and indicate the error(s).

An Education Manual has been developed to assist carriers with compliance to transportation safety legislation. The manual and other information regarding Alberta's safety fitness program can be viewed on the internet at:

Carrier/Public Profile & Carrier Document Portal : What's New

Effective December 1, 2020- Impaired driving contraventions are available as information on the profileAlberta's impaired driving laws are changing effective December 1, 2020. A new Roadside Sanction program will keep our roads safer by providing serious and immediate consequences for all impaired drivers. Read Freeing up police and courts to make Alberta safer for more information. Additional resources: Fact Sheet: Provincial Administrative Penalties Act (PDF, 170 KB), or review further information from SafeRoads Alberta .

NOTE: There are intermittent delays when generating profiles based on a timeframe of 5 years or more.  If you encounter an issue, please contact the Carrier and Vehicle Safety Branch at 403-755-6111.

Starting March 9, 2020, some correspondences issued by Alberta Transportation, such as SFCs and certain letters, will be available for carriers to access online. Access is provided by the existing Carrier/Public Profile service through a new Carrier Document Portal service. Not all documents will be available online as some will continue to be delivered by email with attachments and by mail.

EFFECTIVE JAN. 13, 2020 - Public Profiles requested online will be free of charge. 

EFFECTIVE JAN. 03, 2020 - Carrier Profiles requested online be free of charge. 

NOTE:  To ensure that you get the most up to date data on Part 6 - Monitoring Summary, ensure you pull your profile after the 1st Sunday of the Month for the previous Months Monitoring data.

ECS - Electronic Collision System

ECS - Electronic Collision System : Description

Electronic collection of collision information for Driver Programs/Data Acquisition. (For Law Enforcement Only)

ECS - Electronic Collision System : What's New

The Government of Alberta is system level patching that will be occurring this Sunday April 28, 2024 between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PMAll Alberta Transportation applications may be impacted at some point during this maintenance window, some services may be unavailable or intermittently unavailable, or may perform slower while maintenance activities are in progress. Services will be fully restored on Sunday, April 28 at 7:00 PM. If the applications are unavailable after 7 PM please contact the GoA Service Desk at 780-427-1462.


Effective January 1, 2024, the property damage collision reporting threshold will be increased from $2,000 to $5,000.

Updated Version of the  Alberta Manual on Classification and Reporting of Vehicle Collision. Has been uploaded into Reference Documentation area on the main page of eCollision.


 eCollision system will no longer reject collisions lower than the threshold. The system will be adjusted to accept collisions with values lower than $5,000. However, if the damage in a property damage collision falls below the threshold, the system will not allow for a driver/police copy of the collision record to be generated. This is strictly a system change to allow for the department to approximate how many collisions are reported that fall below the threshold. The following types of collisions will not be impacted by this change, as they are always reportable: injury and fatality collisions, or collisions with the "write-off" or "hit and run" flag checked. 


To have a collision record re-worked back or amended or deleted please . Please provide us the Alberta Collision case number and the police file number.

Open and submitted Status: means the enforcement agency has control of the record. If the record has been submitted the Reviewing Officer can re-work back to open status or make the necessary changes.

Approved Status: means that Alberta Transportation has control over that record. However we are able to re-work back for the enforcement agency do make the necessary changes.

Upload Pending Status: means that Alberta Transportation has control over that record. However we are able to re-work back for the enforcement agency do make the necessary changes.

Uploaded Status: means that Alberta Transportation is unable to re-work it back. However we can still make the necessary changes if the collision year is not closed for amendments.


For changing LOCATIONS and ACCESS roles:

EPS eCollision Users Contact Courtney Bartlett at   

CPS eCollision Users Contact

RCMP eCollision Users Contact RCMP KAccess group  

Other Alberta Enforcement Agencies eCollision Users Contact Alberta Transportation  

To inactivate eCollision accounts, Name changes and email address or eCollision application issues Contact Alberta Transportation at

To request new user eCollision access please follow the steps below for your enforcement agency:

NOTE: RCMP representatives are only provided Guest access to eCollision since the implementation of the PAT collision application. For questions regarding PAT access please contact

For eCollision Super Users make sure you indicate it on the Registration request in the Access Requested and Reason area.

New Account Registration:

Copy link into browser: 

-select Continue to this website (not recommended)

Check ECS Electronic Collision System under the Available Application/Services section

Fill in the following fields under the User Information section

Requested User ID: enter your firstname.lastname

First Name: 

Last Name: 

Phone Number:

Work email: 

In the field Access Requested and Reason, please enter the following:


Agency: CPS, EPS, RCMP or Other Alberta Enforcement Agencies

for example

CPS District 8 Team F

EPS Northeast Division

RCMP Whitecourt K1507 Municipal and K1495 Whitecourt Rural

Other Alberta Enforcement Agencies Tsuut'ina Nation Police Service

Role Required: Field Officer, Reviewing Officer,(or combination of the two) for the Other Alberta Enforcement Agencies (can have a combination of three roles) see below of what the meaning of the access roles.

When all information has been entered, Click on the Click here to validate data after you complete the above form button.  This will cause an automated review of the information you have entered and if there are no errors you will be asked to click again to submit the data.

When you are set up you will receive an automated email with further instructions and actions for you to complete.  Once completed you will be able to log in to eCollision/eCruiser.

Field Officer role: means you can create and submit collision records only.

Reviewing Officer role: means Approving collision records that have been submitted by the Field Officer, but will not allow you to create a collision record. You will require combination of the two roles Field and Reviewing Officer.

Forward To District Handler 1: When a collision occurs within your jurisdiction, but reported outside of your jurisdiction it will advise that person with that role by email that a record has been forward to your agency. Reviewing Officer should have that role.


HDO - Highway Data Online

HDO - Highway Data Online : Description

The Highway Data Online application is an online web application that allows external consultants and engineers to access rural highway collision and geometric data. (Only for those authorized to inspect collision records as per the Traffic Safety Act.)

HDO Users: Contact Highway Data Online (HDO) at for questions regarding password reset.

HDO - Highway Data Online : What's New

Prorate IRP - Online Portal

Prorate IRP - Online Portal : Description

Prorate Services administers the International Registration Plan (IRP) for Alberta based commercial carriers that have vehicles traveling and doing business inter-provincially and/or inter-nationally. Carriers wishing to participate in IRP need to apply to Prorate Services and this web site provides this application and other reports.

Prorate IRP - Online Portal : What's New


Prorate IRP - Portal (Pilot) DISABLED

Prorate IRP - Portal (Pilot) DISABLED : Description

Prorate Services administers the International Registration Plan (IRP) for Alberta based commercial carriers that have vehicles traveling and doing business inter-provincially and/or inter-nationally. Carriers wishing to participate in IRP need to apply to Prorate Services and this web site provides this application and other reports.

Prorate IRP - Portal (Pilot) DISABLED : What's New

Rail Safety Certificates

Rail Safety Certificates : Description

Rail Safety Certificates

Rail Safety Certificates : What's New

 For issues regarding Online Services accounts for Rail Safety Certificates please contact Kerry Von Hollen at

TIMS - Transportation Infrastructure Management System

TIMS - Transportation Infrastructure Management System : Description

Transportation Infrastructure Management System

TIMS - Transportation Infrastructure Management System : What's New


TRAVIS MJ : Description

Allows municipalities to approve permit applications for their jurisdiction.

TRAVIS MJ : What's New


TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing)

TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing) : Description

This system allows you to quickly and easily submit Oversize and Overweight Permit Applications and to check on the status of your applications or permits. In order to gain access to the system, you must first register.

TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing) : What's New


Please be advised that the Central Permit Office requires a detailed Traffic Accommodation Strategy (TAS) for controlling traffic as part of the permit approval process prior to moving a load that involves counter-flowing or performing a u-turn on provincial highways.

It is recommended when submitting the permit application, to indicate in the comment section, that a TAS has been forwarded to the Central Permit Office to expedite the review process.  The completed TAS can be forward, along with the permit application number, to central.permits@gov.ab.cafor review.

A reference document for a TAS is available online at  If you have any questions, please contact the Central Permit Office at 1-800-662-7138 and a Permit Delivery Representative can assist you.

Amended Weights on Overweight Permits

Carriers may now lower their weights on single trip overweight permits when they have been weighed at a Government vehicle inspection station  or mobile inspection stations  without providing a weigh ticket provided they meet the requirements of the Amended Weights on Single Trip Permits Procedure.  Details can be found at

Travel over the Athabasca River (BF76044) on Willow Creek Road is restricted to Contractors and their subcontractors that have a current Master Road Use Agreement with West Fraser Mills Ltd. Contact Hinton Forest Products at 780-865-8900for additional information. 

Vehicle Safety Permits

Vehicle Safety Permits : Description

Vehicle Safety Section may grant permits for exemptions from the Traffic Safety Act and regulations relating to vehicle; registration, operation, or equipment requirements. Common permits issued are for a bus pulling a trailer, equipping a bus with a roof rack and bus inspection exemptions. Vehicle Safety is not involved with vehicle weight and dimensions or special event permits.

Vehicle Safety Permits : What's New



eFacility : Description

Over 3,000 facilities and 8,000 technicians are licensed by Alberta Transportation to conduct inspections under the Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP), these users would be using this application

eFacility : What's New


eFacility (Internal)

eFacility (Internal) : Description


eFacility (Internal) : What's New

eFacility (Pilot)

eFacility (Pilot) : Description

eFacililty - PILOT

eFacility (Pilot) : What's New

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